Importing overseas and wholesaling various kinds of products & Exporting  various  kinds of products 


Established, Seoul, 1959
Starting to deal in Automotive Parts, 1959
Starting to deal in Hydraulic Parts, 1973
Establishing Trade Company(
Saman Corporation), 1995

Starting to import & wholesale , 1995

                Hand Tools, Electric & Pneumatic Tools and Hydraulic Parts

Starting to import & wholesale MTB Parts, 1996

Starting to export Camping Appliances to Japan, 1996

Starting to export Electric Appliances to China, 1998

Starting to export Shop Interior Materials to Japan, 1999

Starting to export Diamond Core Drill to China, 2000

Starting to export Diamond Drill Bit to China, 2001



Saman Corporation,

3 Fl.., Saman Bldg., 332-1, 2-Ka, Youngdungpo-Dong, Youngdungpo-Ku, Seoul, 150-032 ,Korea

Fax :82-2-2671-2828